LLCs (Limited Liability Companies)

With reduced corporate formalities and ease of use, limited liability companies or "LLCs" have taken the United States by storm and become one of the most flexible and preferable entities of choice for most operating businesses. They can combine tax planning flexibility with administrative simplicity, legitimate asset protection, and a built-in plan for succession of interest after the business owner retires or dies.

LLCs provide a powerful tool for estate planning, too. Families who may not operate going businesses can still benefit from the protection and flexibility that LLCs provide, by creating a proven and reliable structure to manage and distribute family property to children or future generations.

But given its late arrival to the market, only in recent years has the legal system provided a clearer understanding of the special concerns and risks involved with these popular entities.

Many wrongly assume that since they have registered their new LLC with the state and have secured a taxpayer ID number, the process is complete. Instead, this is only the beginning. Without a carefully drafted Operating Agreement, the business is in many ways a body without a brain.

To make matters worse, recent court cases have shown that governing irregularities, commingling of funds, undercapitalization and abuse, or failure to observe proper formalities can result in loss of valuable asset protection and a false sense of security for LLC ownership and management. As an LLC member or manager, you need sound legal advice.

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