What Is The Three Step Process?

How Does The Estate Planning Process Work At Emert Law Firm, LLC?

Step One: Design

The first step in nearly every estate plan is our free initial planning session. This is not a brief introduction into the estate planning process - rather, it is a highly interactive, informative working meeting where your situation is assessed and planning goals are clarified. In this meeting, we start by explaining where you are now and discovering your priorities and concerns. Gwinnett County estate planning lawyer Steve Emert will explain your options and answer your questions clearly so you can make informed decisions. Then, if both you and we feel our firm is a good fit, we will then begin creating a plan that reflects your wishes.

At Emert Law Firm, LLC, estate plans are offered on a flat-fee basis. At the end of your first meeting with us, you will know exactly how much it will cost to get the estate planning protection you need.

Step Two: Signing

A few weeks after your initial consultation will be the signing meeting. In this meeting, you will have a chance to review, make any corrections and changes, and then sign your estate plan. We will walk you through your final design to make sure we have achieved all your goals and you are comfortable with your planning decisions and the structure and function of your plan. If you have decided on a trust-based estate plan, we will begin to discuss how the funding process works.

Step Three: Funding (Trust Plans Only)

The next and final step, optional for people who have chosen a trust-based plan and have retained us for funding assistance, is the funding meeting.In this meeting, we will work with you to take the steps necessary to fund the trust. For others who have chosen to fund their own trust, this step will also serve as the delivery meeting where the basic funding requirements will be reviewed and the complete trust binder is delivered.

Depending on your needs, another step may be to meet with family members to discuss your (or their) estate plan and various intergenerational scenarios. As part of most estate plans, we offer a financial power of attorney, advance health care directive, HIPPA authorization, and other documents that may be required.

The Three Year Review (Free With Will And Trust Plans)

Once your estate plan has been established, we are available to meet every three to five years to discuss the changes in your life and in the law, ensuring that your estate plan is still meeting all of your needs. We can make important plan updates and changes, attend meetings with your advisors, and provide access to our legal staff or a referral should you run into other issues (business matters, real estate transactions, etc.). At Emert Law Firm, LLC, we intend to be your estate planning attorneys for life.

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