Wills Vs. Trusts: What's The Difference?

Wills vs. Trusts: Is A Will Plan Or Trust Plan Right For You?

While having a will is important for just about everyone, a will-based plan may not be right for everyone's situation. For instance, simply having a valid will in place does not mean your estate will avoid the hassle and expense of the probate court process. In fact, simply because it is a will, it MUST go through the probate process to be administered under Georgia law.

Probate is a public process—almost like a lawsuit filed against yourself—and depending on the circumstances can be lengthy and costly. For people with moderate to complex circumstances, a will may not be the best form of estate planning. Further, if you own property outside of Georgia, your estate will likely also be required to go through an additional probate process in the state where you own property.

Depending on your assets and family situation, a revocable living trust plan may be a better estate planning tool. Only a seasoned estate planning lawyer can examine your situation and provide the right legal advice for you and your family.

At Emert Law Firm, LLC, we will not force you into one type of estate plan. Rather, we will examine your situation objectively and help you choose which option works best for you and your loved ones. Once the papers are signed and the plan is in place, we offer to get back together with you every three years for a no-cost review to ensure the plan is current and still a good fit.

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