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Should wills and other decisions be discussed with family?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Wills |

The estate planning process can be a complicated process for many people in Georgia. They are often left making difficult decisions regarding how their assets will be divided upon their deaths and naming people to make medical and financial decisions on their behalves in the event they become unable to make them on their own. Often, once wills are completed, difficult decisions regarding whether to discuss estate planning documents with family members must also be addressed.

There are a variety of different benefits of discussing a plan in advance. It prevents surprises and hurt feelings after a person passes away. If a person decided on an unequal distribution of assets among family members, for example, a conversation about this decision can help those impacted fully understand the reasoning behind the decision. Also, it gives the person an opportunity to discuss his or her wishes with those named to make financial and medical decisions in the event of incapacitation.

In some cases, a person may make the difficult decision to disinherit someone. Letting them know of this decision in advance does have benefits. For example, knowing the decision was made in advance may make the person less likely to challenge a will. On the other hand, notifying the person of such a decision could prevent any chances of reconciliation.

While the estate planning process can involve a variety of different, difficult decisions, going through the process can significantly help family members. When a person’s wishes are expressed, surviving family members are able to focus on overcoming their grief during their time of loss. A professional with experience with wills and other estate planning documents in Georgia can help guide the process, ensuring that all necessary issues are addressed.

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