The importance of creating wills in Georgia

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There are many important documents that most people in Georgia would claim that they require. These documents may include birth certificates and the deeds to their houses, for examples. However, many professional argue that wills are equally important.

Despite the importance of a will, some reports indicate that over a majority of people in the United States have not created one. Without a will, the state will ultimately be left to make many determinations without the input of the person. Not only will the state decide how assets will be divided, it will also be left to make custody determinations if there are minor children. In some cases, a person’s assets could ultimately end up going to the state if there is no will in place.

Fortunately, there are options that can prevent this scenario. Ensuring that retirement accounts and other similar assets have named beneficiaries ensures that the funds will go to the desired parties. Also, naming someone to sell and distribute assets as well as pay debts can help ensure that a person’s wishes are met. There are even options for providing for pets.

It may be tempting for some in Georgia to use a do-it-yourself program to create estate planning documents such as wills. However, these programs may not take into consideration unique circumstances, failing to meet the needs of the user. In some cases, an invalid document created through such a program can still leave an estate and surviving family members in turmoil. An experienced legal professional can help ensure that all estate planning documents are enforceable and without ambiguity.

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