How to decide who plans the funeral

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While no one wants to think about their mortality, it is worthwhile for Georgia residents to know their options when it comes to planning their funerals. For instance, it is acceptable to put funeral instructions in a will. It is also possible to use a planning declaration to assign someone to oversee the event. Typically, the person who creates the document is allowed to include as many or as few details as he or she wants.

Putting someone in charge of the funeral using this method increases the odds that a person’s final wishes are respected. In many cases, family members don’t find the will until after a funeral has taken place. It is also possible that they won’t even start looking for the will until after a memorial service takes place. In the event that a will is found prior to the funeral, its language is legally binding.

If an individual had a power of attorney, the attorney listed on the document could be allowed to make final arrangements on a person’s behalf. While the POA terminates at death, the ability to dispose of the body does not go away when a person dies. Of course, this only comes into play if no other person was designated to handle arrangements on the deceased individual’s behalf.

The use of a will or trust could reduce probate issues or others related to settling an estate. Individuals who take time to communicate their wishes may also reduce the chances that they are not met or are not met in a timely manner. An attorney may be able to explain the benefits of different estate plan documents or explain the process of creating them.

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