Estate of deceased actress worth $6.8 million

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New probate court papers have determined that the estate of Carrie Fisher, who passed away in 2016, is worth more than $6 million. Fisher is known throughout Georgia and many parts of the world after appearing as Princess Leia in several Star Wars films. The estate executor for the actress requested a final value for the state in order to begin final distribution of the assets.

Before passing away, Fisher stated in her will that she wished her estate be made part of her living trust. The beneficiary of this trust is her daughter, who is also a Hollywood actress. The assets within the estate include investment accounts, memorabilia, furniture, collectibles and rights to using her work for publicity. A certain portion of the assets was held in order to pay state and federal taxes.

The trustee claimed in probate court that he has fulfilled all the duties and paid all relevant administration costs to date. He also filed a petition to withhold $10,000 from the trust in order to pay for any contingencies that may arise. This petition is expected to be heard in court on July 29.

Almost any person with assets, whether they are worth thousands or millions of dollars, may benefit from hiring an attorney to handle estate administration and probate. Distributing assets after death can be very complicated. That’s why it’s wise to make arrangements ahead of time with help from a lawyer. Legal counsel can help a client draft trusts that distribute assets according to desired objectives.

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