How do you select a guardian for your child?

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While you would rather not, you must face the reality that you may not live to raise your children. Do you have a guardian in mind to step up for your children?

Forbes offers tips on selecting proper guardianship for your kids. Give yourself peace of mind and your loved ones a responsible person to raise them if you cannot.

Note your most cherished values

What values would you like to teach your children? Perhaps you want to introduce them to specific religious or spiritual teachings. Whatever your values, think about guardian candidates who share your beliefs and would pass them on to your kids.

Write your candidates

Once you note your values, list candidates whom you feel would do well with raising your kids. Think broader than immediate relatives, as you may have close friends or extended family members who would do a superb job of taking care of your children. Further, you do not have to restrict your choices to only couples, as relationships and marriages end. A single person may do a great job of proving a home for your loved ones.

Get your candidates’ permission

Help your candidates prepare for the role by letting them know you feel they would make a great guardian. The person or couple should not learn of the designation after you die and your children need someone to take care of them. You want your candidates to feel comfortable stepping up to raise and guide your children, and they should have plenty of time to think things over and understand what it means to be a guardian.

Provide for your kids every way you can. The right guardian helps you assemble a thorough estate plan.

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