Is it time to update your health care directive?

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Even if you have enjoyed good health throughout your life, it is impossible to predict the future. Rather than worrying about the unpredictable fallout from an unexpected illness or catastrophic injury, it makes sense to plan for a health-related crisis.

While there are many ways to insulate yourself from injuries and illnesses, having a comprehensive estate plan is essential. Like other estate planning documents, though, your advanced health care directive may need some occasional updating.

Do you have a new diagnosis?

Your views about medical treatments and procedures may change when they move from the abstract into reality. Put bluntly, if you have a new diagnosis, your advance directive may no longer match your genuine intentions. Once you have more information about your ailment and treatment options, you may need to update your advance directive.

Do you have a different partner?

According to Georgia’s Consumer Protection Division, you can designate a person to make medical decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself. If the person you have chosen is a former spouse, you may no longer be comfortable with his or her involvement in your health care. Therefore, if you have a new partner, it is probably time to rework your advance directive.

Do you know what the document says?

You lead a busy and active life. If more than a couple of years have passed since you created your advance directive for health care, you simply may not know what the document says. Ultimately, committing to reviewing and updating your advance directive regularly is likely to give you some valuable peace of mind.

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