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What considerations should I make before petitioning for guardianship?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Guardianship And Conservatorship |

Guardianship is a situation where the court appoints one person to make the decisions for another person. It is similar to a parent-child relationship in that the guardian has an immense amount of power over the other person.

The Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services explains that because of the restrictive nature of guardianship situations, the court takes all petitions seriously and will only grant the request in extreme situations.


You should understand that when you petition for guardianship, you must have all the information and evidence you need to prove your case. If you fail to get the court to grant your request, you cannot try again for two years. The only exception is a definite change in the circumstances of the person you wish to seek guardianship over.


It is also very important to understand exactly what guardianship does. You are taking away many rights and freedoms of the person. You should be absolutely sure that this is the only option to keep the person safe. It is also essential to understand the other person may not be happy with you, so you need to be positive this is the only answer to the current situation.


You also want to explore all alternatives prior to filing. Check into your options and seek professional help to determine if there may be something else that is less restrive that could be a solution to your current issues.

Seeking guardianship over someone is a very serious step. Above all else, you should never take it lightly.

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