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What Business Entity Is Right For You?

When you start a new business venture in Georgia, it is crucial to select the proper business entity. The entity acts as your business’ foundation. Your business plan and goals should dictate which entity you select and how the new business will function.

If you are forming a new business, call Emert | Yeom, LLC, at 678-926-9284 for personalized advice.

Business formation impacts many future issues ranging from who has control over the business (if there is more than one owner) to how profits are allocated and taxed. Some entities can also protect your family by shielding personal assets from creditors.

Many business owners choose to form their business as one of the following entities:

Understanding The Impact Of Each Entity

The entity that you choose greatly influences your business’ daily functions. It is essential to understand the benefits and areas of concern associated with each type. Our attentive lawyer will carefully evaluate your business plan, involved partners and goals to provide options and strategic counsel. We will explain the ramifications of each option, and help you select an entity that provides maximum benefits.

We understand how important your business is to your financial future and personal fulfillment. We treat your business concerns with the same gravity that we would our own, and closely partner with you through each decision.

Developing A Long-Term Partnership

Selecting an entity is only the beginning. Once you incorporate your business, you face a complex web of contracts and other legal needs to launch you business. And, your business will continue to need legal maintenance and business services throughout its life. We take pride in establishing close relationships with all of our clients and are able to partner with you through all of your legal needs.

Schedule A Consultation With A Knowledgeable Attorney

Call 678-926-9284 to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys to discuss your new business. You may also email us. We ask all of our business clients to complete a Business Planning Questionnaire prior to our first meeting so that we can address your unique needs and maximize our time together.

Emert | Yeom, LLC, is a small business. We understand your concerns as a business owner, and have the extensive business experience and in-depth legal knowledge necessary to provide key counsel.