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Why Is It Important To Have A Lawyer Review Contracts?

As a small-business owner, you need to employ formal contracts on a regular basis. You may become familiar with employment contracts, purchase orders, warranties and leases. There are many online forms that allow business owners to tackle contracts on their own; however, having an experienced business lawyer draft and review these contracts can save you significant time and money in the future.

If your business requires a new contract, call 678-926-9284 to speak with Emert | Yeom, LLC, about developing a secure contract.

Contracts are legally binding agreements. Once they are signed, you cannot break their terms without serious repercussions. Standard do-it-yourself forms are overly generalized and may not adequately support the matter at hand. These leave you vulnerable to pitfalls and put your business at risk. A skilled attorney can carefully review contracts, identify areas of weakness and revise the contract to protect your interests.

Navigating Contracts When You Start A Business

When you start a new business, you make a number of key decisions about your business’ operation and structure. Along with these decisions, you will need to create a host of new contracts for your vendors, partners and employees.

Emert | Yeom, LLC, can help you create an array of contracts, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Succession plans
  • Franchise agreements
  • Property or real estate leases
  • Distributor agreements
  • Employee noncompete agreements
  • Purchase orders

As a small business, we know what contracts your business needs for success. We treat your business with the same care that we would our own, and personalize your recommendations based off of your business’ structure and goals.

Contact One Of Our Thorough Attorneys For A Consultation

Contact our Georgia law firm for contract guidance. You may schedule your consultation online, or call our office at 678-926-9284.

We ask all business clients to complete our Business Planning Questionnaire before arriving for your appointment. This provides information that we need to formulate key strategic recommendations tailored to your individual needs.