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Is An LLC Right For Your Business?

With reduced corporate formalities and ease of use, limited liability companies (LLCs) have taken the United States by storm and become one of the most flexible and preferable entities of choice for most operating businesses.

The Importance Of Securing Skilled Legal Advice

But given its late arrival to the market, only in recent years has the legal system provided a clearer understanding of the special concerns and risks involved with these popular entities.

Many wrongly assume that since they have registered their new LLC with the state and have secured a taxpayer ID number, the process is complete. Instead, this is only the beginning. Without a carefully drafted operating agreement, the business is in many ways a body without a brain.

To make matters worse, recent court cases have shown that governing irregularities, commingling of funds, undercapitalization and abuse, or failure to observe proper formalities can result in loss of valuable asset protection and a false sense of security for LLC ownership and management. As an LLC member or manager, you need sound legal advice.

Attentive Counsel Throughout Your Business’s Formation

At Emert | Yeom, LLC, we have worked with numerous LLC entities and clients in the past. We understand the unique opportunities and challenges that are involved with an LLC.

To get started, we ask all prospective business clients to submit a Business Planning Questionnaire prior to our first meeting so that our attorney can maximize the benefit of that meeting. As experienced small-business owners, we personally understand the importance of being able to deliver the results you need. Too many businesses encounter difficulties down the road because of missteps at the business formation stage. Let us help you start your business on a solid footing.

Contact Our Lawyer For Dedicated Business Formation Counsel

You cannot afford anything less than counsel you can trust when you are beginning a new business. Turn to Georgia’s Emert | Yeom, LLC, for the experienced and dedicated help you deserve. To discuss your new business plans and get started, email us to schedule an appointment now, or call us at 678-926-9284. We ask that you complete a Business Planning Questionnaire to learn more about your goals before your appointment.