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Estate planning is not just about paper documents. It is a carefully designed strategy to protect you, your loved ones, and your most valuable assets when you need it most.

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Protecting Your Investment During The Sale Or Purchase Of A Business

The sale or purchase of a Georgia business is a moment that needs to be carefully shepherded. Whether as a sale of assets or equity, unnecessary mistakes can create costly losses for the seller and the purchaser. Each party has their own interests to protect. Having a lawyer with extensive practical business experience by your side can help you protect your interests at all stages of the transaction.

Skilled Representation For Those Selling A Business

For business owners, the sale of the business can be a critical moment in a number of ways. The proceeds of the sale may be designated to use as retirement funds or as capital to purchase or start a new business. No matter how your proceeds from the sale are going to be used, you deserve to be able to maximize the value of the sale.

If there are additional issues such as retention of certain assets from the business or the inclusion of a noncompete agreement, we can help you deal with all of those business services.

Attentive Representation For Those Purchasing A Business

The purchase of a business is a substantial investment that deserves the fullest protection. For many people, the purchase of a business is more than just a financial transaction — it is an opportunity to realize a degree of financial independence and to build a better life for their families. This makes it especially important that all aspects of the purchase have been reviewed by an experienced business succession attorney.

Pairing Strong Business Knowledge With Legal Counsel

At Emert | Yeom, LLC, we understand how important it is that the sale of a business goes smoothly and that essential issues are addressed. You need to know with confidence that the deal you are getting is the deal you bargained for. Our decades of legal experience and business background give us a unique perspective that we can use to help ensure, with the help of outside counsel and advisers if necessary, that your transaction delivers everything you want.

Contact Our Firm For Strong Guidance During Business Sales Or Purchases

Emert | Yeom, LLC, is committed to ensuring that business sales and purchases provide our clients with the benefits they bargained for. To schedule an appointment and get started, email us to schedule a free initial consultation now, or call us at 678-926-9284. Please complete our online Business Planning Questionnaire before your appointment.