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Wills help Georgia estates of all sizes

Most people in Georgia and other areas of the country have seen a dramatic portrayal of a will being read on a television show or movie. Even though it is rarely the case that a rich relative leaves an unexpected inheritance to a family member, wills do play an important -- if less dramatic than in fictional portrayals -- role in the estate administration and probate process. Despite knowing the importance of such documents, many people feel that because their estate is small, they do not need to go through the estate planning process.

The importance of wills and other estate planning documents

Everyone is likely aware of their mortality. However, many people in Georgia and across the country put off estate planning for another day for a variety of different reasons. Regardless of the reasons, the creation of wills and other estate planning documents can significantly reduce the burden that surviving family members experience upon the passing of a loved one.

Contesting the validity of wills: Judge rules will is fake

While it serves multiple purposes, estate planning is one of the most important things a person can do to ensure that his or her wishes are met when they have passed away. Those in Georgia who have chosen to create wills with an experienced attorney can help ensure that their wishes are known and less susceptible to a successful challenge. A judge has recently tossed a will that one woman claims a deceased man who lived in another state created before his death.

Majority of Americans do not have wills

If asked, the vast majority of people in Georgia and across the country would likely claim to be aware of the importance of estate planning documents. These documents can range from wills that indicate who will have custody of children and explain how assets should be distributed to powers of attorney which indicate who will make medical and financial decisions in the event a person becomes incapacitated. However, a recent survey reveals that a majority of adults in the United States do not have necessary documents in place.

The importance of wills for the single or childless

Although the importance of the estate planning process may be obvious to some, for a variety of different reasons, many people in Georgia put it off for another day. This may be especially true for married couples with children as they expect that their estate will be divided according to state law, which may align with their wishes. While estate planning -- including the creation of wills -- is important for everyone, it can be especially beneficial for people who are not married or do not have children.

Should wills and other decisions be discussed with family?

The estate planning process can be a complicated process for many people in Georgia. They are often left making difficult decisions regarding how their assets will be divided upon their deaths and naming people to make medical and financial decisions on their behalves in the event they become unable to make them on their own. Often, once wills are completed, difficult decisions regarding whether to discuss estate planning documents with family members must also be addressed.

Contested wills: Daughter questions father's will

Most people in Georgia know of the importance of estate planning. While they create wills, they may overlook the importance of the creation process. For example, having neutral professionals draft estate planning documents can help prevent confusion and distrust. Unfortunately, an out-of-state woman has made accusations about the validity of her father's will.

The importance of creating, revising wills

Many people in Georgia invest time, energy and money into planning for the future. As a result, many have accumulated a significant amount of assets by the time they are ready to retire. However, part of planning for the future includes the creation of a will. Wills allow people to have a say in the distribution of their assets as well as reduce the chance of conflict among family members following the death of a family member.

Wills: Litigation regarding forged document continues

For many people in Georgia who are perfectly healthy, it is difficult to imagine that their life could be taken unexpectedly. Unfortunately, death can come at any moment, making the necessity of wills all that much more striking. One out-of-state case involving the death of a mother and a will her sons claim was forged highlights the importance of taking certain precautions during the estate planning process.

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