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Updating wills and other components of an estate plan

The estate planning process requires people in Georgia to make important decisions. However, these decisions are based on their present circumstances which can change drastically over the course of time. As a result, wills and other components of an estate plan need to be reconsidered periodically to to ensure that they continue to meet the person's wishes.

Ensuring that wills reflect testators' wishes

Some people in Georgia are would rather complete a task they they are able to do themselves rather than hire someone else. Unfortunately, when it comes to certain tasks, many people without expertise can actually make serious mistakes. For example, many families with loved ones who created their own wills have found that the directions left in them are unclear, often requiring the courts to step in and make a decision, a process that can be lengthy and costly.

Wills that leave an unequal inheritance to children

Parents spend a great deal of their lives wondering about what is best for their children. While this typically involves what school to send their children or what activities to enroll them, it also extends to how to divide their estate in a way that is fair. In fact, some parents in Georgia are creating wills that favor fairness among their children over equality.

In Georgia and elsewhere, many wills are out-of-date

Many people in Georgia are planners -- they plan for future vacations and for their retirement, for example. However, despite the tendency of many people to plan, a recent survey indicates that many Americans do not have estate plans, specifically wills. Equally as important, many estate planning documents already created are actually out of date. 

Three instances where your estate plan may change

There's one thing that is constant in life...and no, it is not taxes. Instead, you can always depend on changes to be a part of your life. Think about it, as we get older, we may fall in love. We may even get married and have children. Also, we lose loved ones to old age and sometimes to tragedy.

Why you should talk to your parents about their estate plans

Whenever a celebrity passes away, chances are that their estate plan is a newsworthy topic. We saw it with David Bowie's passing, and lately Prince's untimely demise. With these stories, it is natural to wonder about our parents' estate plans. We might wonder whether there will be disputes over their assets or whether they have a plan to protect their estate from creditors. Moreover, we may wonder who may care for them when they are no longer able to care for themselves (or who they want to care for them).

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