Secure Your Future. Protect Your Family. Preserve Your Legacy.

Estate planning is not just about paper documents. It is a carefully designed strategy to protect you, your loved ones, and your most valuable assets when you need it most.

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A Secure Future For You And Your Family

While commonly underestimated, estate plans are valuable tools to safeguard your life’s work. An estate plan is a carefully executed strategy to protect you and your loved ones, a foundation you can count on when you need it most.

In the end, you determine your legacy. To protect your life’s work, you deserve careful legal guidance instead of taking a chance with self-help, guesswork or discount resources.

If you are considering an estate plan, call our Duluth law firm at 678-926-9284.

We help Georgia families craft the elements of a foundational estate plan and probate estates, including:

  • Thorough creation of wills
  • Advance directives for health care
  • Financial powers of attorney
  • Selective trusts as needed for your situation
  • Navigating the complexities of the probate process in the wake of a loved one’s death

A well-designed plan often also incorporates asset protection planning, strategic tax planning, complex estate planning for divorced or blended families, protection for retirement plans and other components tailored to your circumstances.

Committed To Understanding Your Needs

We know how confusing and overwhelming estate planning can seem. An estate planning lawyer can simplify the process and make it as affordable and effective as possible.

We invest time in getting to know potential clients before they pay any fees. Our planning services are accessible due to agreed-upon flat fees. To provide optimal service, we work to understand your needs and explain what options can achieve your goals.

Estate planning is not death planning, it’s life planning. Planning is critical for every parent, spouse, business owner, professional or individual concerned about responsibly providing for the future.

To deliver the highly personalized representation you deserve, we developed a highly effective three-step process.

The First Step: Your Free Initial Consultation

To deliver the highly personalized representation you deserve, we developed a highly effective three-step process.

It all begins with your free initial consultation and plan design session. This is an informal, interactive meeting (approximately 60 to 90 minutes).

While the initial consultation is free of charge, we ask that you complete a pre-appointment questionnaire. This helps us maximize our time together as we’ll be prepared to dive right into your personalized options.

Our ultimate goal is to design and implement a tailored plan that protects you and your loved ones and gives you peace of mind.

How Much Is An Experienced Attorney Worth?

Some people cut corners to save money on lawyers’ fees. They resort to self-help or other risky methods such as quitclaim deeds, handwritten notes, joint ownership or writing their own documents. Time and again, these shortcuts have proven much more expensive in the end and can cause serious stress among family members.

We believe proper estate planning begins with an experienced attorney who addresses your concerns, analyzes your situation and captures your goals. While this process almost always involves the preparation of several thorough legal documents, it can be affordable, satisfying and rewarding.

In-Depth Look Into Estate Planning

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Contact Our Firm For An Individualized Estate Plan

To schedule your free initial consultation, call our firm at 678-926-9284. You may also schedule your consultation online. To receive a complimentary consultation, we ask that you first complete our Estate Planning Questionnaire.