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Estate planning is not just about paper documents. It is a carefully designed strategy to protect you, your loved ones, and your most valuable assets when you need it most.

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Collaborative Planning With Financial Planners And CPAs

If you are a financial planner or insurance professional, working with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney to offer collaborative, team-based planning can enhance your client service and reputation. When you work with a trusted lawyer who supports your beneficial products and services and commits to regular communication, you serve your clients more effectively.

Consider Emert | Yeom, LLC. As members of WealthCounsel, we recognize the importance of holistic planning and value the important role each team member plays in achieving the client’s goals. We fundamentally believe that estate planning is far more than document preparation — it’s an ongoing relationship where plans are uniquely designed to serve our clients and their loved ones for the long term.

Based in Duluth, Georgia, we work with people across Gwinnett County and the greater metro Atlanta area, and offer free individual or joint consultations at your office or either of our locations.

Why Do Your Clients Need An Estate Plan?

Sound estate planning advice is an important part of a family or individual’s overall financial strategy. Estate planning makes the lives and financial condition of your clients healthier by protecting against:

  • Losing control of finances and medical decisions during incapacity
  • Family anxiety over how to handle their affairs
  • Inability to care for surviving family members
  • Orphaned minors subjected to the whims of the court system
  • Delays and needless paperwork in transferring wealth
  • Public court proceedings and loss of privacy
  • Children’s inheritance lost when the surviving spouse remarries
  • Free-spending children “blowing it all”
  • Special needs beneficiaries losing governmental benefits because of an inheritance received
  • Beneficiaries losing a sense of work ethic and productivity
  • Family arguments and disharmony after death
  • Failure of their beneficiaries to adopt their parents’ values
  • Other issues

A Collaborative, Team-Oriented Approach To Client Planning

Team-based planning serves the client better and sets you apart from one-dimensional planners that do not provide these integrated services.

As a financial planner or insurance adviser, you are no doubt aware of the vital role of a foundational estate plan in a client’s overall financial picture. When it comes to exploring the options for wealth protection, accumulation, distribution and other planning objectives, an attorney is an essential member of the client’s team. Just as only licensed financial advisers can lawfully sell securities, only attorneys can give legal advice on the effective use of wills, trusts and other estate planning tools. The selection, creation and effective use of the right kinds of tools are essential.

The attorney’s role should go beyond simply preparing documents. At Emert | Yeom, LLC, we add value through our knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Why Collaborate With Emert | Yeom, LLC, For Your Clients’ Estate Planning Needs?

We offer a number of benefits:

  • We respect and nurture the trusting relationships you’ve developed with your clients.
  • We support our planning partners as they retain and grow assets under management.
  • Our process gives you an opportunity to recommend additional products and services that benefit the client.
  • We expand your service and reputation with existing clients through comprehensive planning.
  • We help ensure that assets you’ve helped the client amass will not be lost during the wealth transfer process.
  • Our team approach helps bring together and synchronize the entire financial picture of the client.
  • We offer multigenerational planning to help build financial security and peace of mind for generations of clients.
  • We keep you up-to-date with engaging CE credit seminars, newsletters and other events.
  • Working together, we help you serve clients better and generate raving fans and future referrals.
  • We back your sound recommendations and encourage your clients to refer their friends to you.

Contact Our Firm To Discuss A Professional Partnership

Call Steve Emert at 678-926-9284 or complete our online contact form to schedule an individual or joint consultation at our office in Duluth (Sugarloaf), Georgia.